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    Jun 13, 2016

    I had three chicks come from My Pet Chicken on the fifteenth of June. One being advertised as a black frizzled cochin. There is a disclaimer on their site that says that some off spring will be smooth feathered... but I can't tell with my chick Ollie. The fact that I can't tell probably means she's smooth, but some of her feathers look kinda crazy, almost like theyre frizzled, but not all of the way! Is partial frizzle something that exists? Or is it more that they are frizzled or they aren't?

    Heres a picture, though its hard to tell with this camera im using:

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    She's not frizzled. The way frizzle breeding works is you can only breed a frizzled bird to a non frizzled bird. Frizzle is dominant so if a chick gets one copy of the gene from the frizzle parent it's frizzled. You get 50% frizzle chicks from this breeding. Your little chick didn't get the gene, so she's a cochin, but not a frizzled cochin.

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