Half Welsh Harlequin half Buff Orpington??


8 Years
Nov 14, 2011
Does anyone have any pictures of half welsh and half buff ducks?? I have some eggs in the incubator and want to be able to tell the pure breeds and "mutts" apart as I'll be selling some of them. Please post a picture of your ducks/ducklings!
Thanks in advance,
BirdyGirl :)
Oh, they are going to be precious! And I wish I could help! I have four buffs, I adopted them as adults and we aren't planning on hatching any this year.
Not exactly but I'd still love to see them! It might be helpful to know the differences in appearance. But from what I hear it's not easy to tell them apart when they're so young! Thanks for your reply :)
I to plan on WH I've read great things about this breed. A handsome bird indeed. I have a small neighbor yard. I need ducks that are not route. I would love to heard what owners have to say about this. I have been working on this idea for a while. Any info would be great
@irocblu, they are great ducks. They lay a LOT and are small. You should clip their wings and have them enclosed but my birds like to stick to a small area maybe 8x5 and that is their choice!
@irocblu Everything I read on them said they can't fly but my drake cleared a 6 foot privacy fence.

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