Hand Crank Plucker

Chica Lady

8 Years
Mar 31, 2012
Taylors, SC
I was surfing through google for plans to convert a washer and I had a thought.... What about a hand cranked plucker? I looked it up, and saw another idea about bicycle power.

What does everyone think?

I think it would be ALOT cheaper than buying a motor, etc.
I don't think it would work because it has to be turning awful fast to pluck a bird and I don't think you would be able to hand crank it fast enough. I made one out of a drill only cost me about $10 works like a charm.
I believe for the muscular effort you would have to put into a hand-cranked plucker you would find it easier simply to pluck the birds by hand. You can gear the thing to get the necessary rpm, but the amount of muscle power you would have to contribute isn't going to change.
The Featherman pluckers run at 180 rpm which is about optimal. That would be tiring to pedal that fast while a 5 pound bird is bouncing around in the plucker.

I second the drill plucker suggestion. I did a drill plucker this spring for about $7 that works great for small batches. Check out my history and you will see the thread where I posted pics of it. Drop me a line anytime if you need help or advice.

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