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    A bit of a strange question here but figured someone might know, if not it doesnt matter too much :)

    We have 5 muscovy ducks that we are hand raising to be friendly, they're growing wonderfully and are about 8 weeks old now, the rest of the ducks we have are all going to be slaughtered for their meat.

    All of our hand raised ducks are white, and one of our girl ducks that we were planning to slaughter that hasnt had any human interaction (so is obviously scared of us) is a beautiful black and white duck with gorgeous patterns that we were tempted to keep so that we could hatch more babies later down the line with black feathers.

    Now my question is, if we were to take her and put her in with our hand raised ducks, will her behaviour rub off on the others? I.E will they suddenly become frightened of us and no longer want to be pet, or hand fed etc? Or will she learn from our hand raised ducks that we are ok to be around and eventually grow to like us?
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    with enough patience its possible that your hen who is scared of you will be just like the others , especially if you baby her just like the others. i have adopted ducks that were never handled by humans at all and after a few weeks of hand feeding and treats they act just like my hand raised ducks.
    Muscovy's in particular are usually a very tamable breed in my own experience.
    best of luck !
  3. chickens really

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    I have a few that had no human contact and they are very tame and come when I call them. She will learn from the friendly Ducks that your nothing to be scared of.
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    I think..just like the others said that after several days of treating her(like the other ducks) she should do great!

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