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8 Years
Feb 25, 2011
Ok, so I've reluctantly given up on trying to use my turner in my Hovabator due to the temp spikes it causes when it operates. This leaves me with hand-turning.

The last time I did this, it cost me a lot of money in gas because I'd go home during lunch from work, and turn them in the middle of the day. I'm hoping to cut down on that by adjusting the turning schedule. Here's what I have in mind:

Turn at 8am
Turn at 6:30pm
Turn at 12am

Does this look like it would be acceptable? I can set my alarm to turn them at 4am as well, but for obvious reasons don't really want to if it's not necessary.

Let me know what you think! Thanks!
Ideally you should turn them 3-5 times a day, more is better. Broody hens turn them up to 50 times a day! Do you not have someone who can turn them for you during the day?
I turn them when I wake up, and before I go to bed. I try to keep it in even 12 hours intervals, but it's not an exact science. If you want to turn at 8 in the morning, then turn again 8 pm that night. Once in a while I'll throw in an extra turn but otherwise, I get near 100% hatch rates with this twice a day turning. Though turning is important, it usually won't make or break your hatch. There were a few people one here devistated because day 18, they realized that their turners were unplugged so they eggs were not turned at all throughout incubation, but they still have fairly good hatches with few or no deformities. One hatch, I left on vacation with my eggs unturned for 4 days and I had a 100% hatch rate. It was my best hatch ever.

Turning is most important during the first week because the embryo is unable to move on it's own, so if you are really worried about the turning, maybe turn 3 times a day for the first week and the twice for the next week and a half.
Thank you, I appreciate that info. We don't have anyone at home to turn as both of us work all day to make ends meet.

Cochins1088, that is really interesting to know. I knew that the recommended amount was 3 (I just upped it to 6 with my previous hatches because I am an overachiever), that's reassuring to know that they are more tolerant to still periods.

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