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    I have been running my bator since Monday. Temps steady at 101 in a still air. I could turn it down a little if need be. Humidity staying around 50%. No eggs yet. Local PO hasn't received them yet. [​IMG]

    I'm a little confused on hand turning. I'll buy a turner later when they go on sale!! It says to leave the big end up, where the air sack is at the top. I'm talking about in the egg carton method. My plan is to shift it at an angle one way then back to the other side when I turn it. Will that work? I think that is basicely how an auto-turner works, right? I have seen where it says to mark an X and O on opposite sides to tell you what to turn. That's if the eggs are laying on their sides, right? Just want to make sure I have everything right before I get started.

    If my eggs get here today, [​IMG] , I let them rest for 12 hours? Then do you candle before you even put them in for the air sack? If that's missing is that what is meant by scrambled eggs? I was planning on just putting them in and candleing on Day 9 or 10. That's about halfway. I want to leave them alone as much as possible, so I hopefully get a good hatch. Just had a few last minute questions.

    Thanks for helping out a newbie. This has definitely been a learning experience for me and hubby. [​IMG]
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    Yes if you are using the carton method, you can put something under one end of the carton and then move tot he other end and that constitutes a turn. That is the way I have been turning mine all along.

    101 sounds right for a still air and the humidity sounds good also.

    I usually wait to candle til day 7 and then again on day 18 before the hatch. Candling is really up to you


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