Handicap Duckling :(......What do I do?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by kcollins, Jun 23, 2010.

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    May 6, 2010
    Southeastern Michigan
    I had a Cayuga hatch 4 days early yesterday. It seemed very good size but it seems to be blind (see whiteness in pupils), and it is just over 24 hours old and cannot stand even a little. He is stuck on his belly without assistance with his legs out behind it. He can move his legs a little, lift his head some, but cannot get up or straighten his feet or legs correctly. There is very obviously at this point, something wrong with him.

    I have tried putting shoes on him for a few hours and it did no good because I believe his legs have problems as well as his feet. He is alert and peeping (almost constantly even when held), drinking (a tiny bit of sugar water) and eating a crumb or two some while I hold him. I put him correctly on his feet when I set him down, but as soon as he tries to move he is back on his belly or back and stuck.

    I am pretty sure this is stemming from a incubator temp issue I was having while he was in there. I am really upset about this. [​IMG]

    Please, please please. Any advice on what to do to either help him, or anyone with a similar situation??
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    On my last hatch I had a duckling that had a bend in leg and it could not walk on it. I gave the little one electrolytes with vitamins every couple hours and a day later it started to walk better on it. Now it is a couple of weeks old and you can't tell the difference. I would not give it dry crumble at this point. Mix it on with water and make a mush for it. I actually feed mush to all of my newborns for 3 days. Lets give that to the duckling and see how it does is a day or two. The eyes is a different story, but there are some BYCer's with blind ducks on this board.
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    Jan 11, 2010
    I have a six week old Runner who hatched blind. She is the sweetest girl who loves cuddles - but is also doing very well on her own. She is in a brooder with 5 other ducklings and can eat and drink on her own without assistance now. Due to it being winter here now- she hasnt been outside often- BUt I have watched her closely when she is outside. Her sense of hearing it what she relies on most to get around and she calls to the other ducks to worl out where they are. She does walk differently too- but just because she cant see where she is going she isnt as sure footed as the others. She has just a touch of splay leg which I never treated due to her blindness - but it hasnt presented a problem for her.
    The cloudiness in her eyes disapeared after about day three and her eye now look completely normal but it is obvious she cant see. I was planning on rehoming her but have fallen in love with Stevie- Ray so will revisit that idea in another month or so.I believe that with the right protection provided from predators she will live a normal life out with the ducks in my yard.

    Your little one may just be extra weak from hatching- especially if it was a bit early. Give it another 24 hours and see how its going then, with a little food and vitamins it may pick up. I have had a few tiny ones hatch that can take up to a week to really start look like they are actually growing at all - its possible that yours will be a bit of a runt and will need hand feeding for a little while.

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