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Sep 14, 2007
Kalispell , MT
I've been on the road working at a wind farm forever it seems like so I haven't been on in awhile.

9 months ago my hands started swelling up to where it was kinda uncomfortable . Now it's to the point that I've had to resize my wedding ring twice in 1and 1/2 months to even get it off . I can't wear it anymore . I haven't gained weight . They are the worst in the morning (can't even bend them) and at best a half of a fist . They ache all the time (I'm only 28 ) . For those that don't know I'm a commercial electrician , so working with my hands is of utmost importance , Anyone know what I can do ? I've been taking 800 mg ibuprofen (2400 mg a day ) , and stopped because it was doing no good .
I need my hands to do my job , any advice ?
sounds like your hands are telling you they need a break, you might try aspercreme, comes in a toothpaste size container but when your body is reacting that badly and especially at your young age, you've got to listen...or it gets worse:(
Unionwirewoman, you need to get to a DOCTOR; arthritis at your age should not be happening to you and should not be taken lightly. We on here are not qualified to treat you.
BTW, only my ring finger on my right hand began doing the same thing a couple of weeks ago. It's really painful to move/bend it. It even wakes me up at night, BUT in the morning I can run warm water over it, force move it around, and it goes back to normal after the fluids (forget the name) go back into the first joint where they're supposed to always be. I cannot imagine your pain when your whole hand is like that.
Mine is common for a man my age, 70, but yours is NOT at 28. GET TO A DOCTOR! Yes, I'm going to go to one too, even with my minor complaint, soon.
Sounds like you are retaining fluids- weight gain, hands swelling, etc. Can be symptoms of kidney failure or congestive heart failure- go see the doctor.
Prayers for you, but seriously you have to have a doctor run some tests.
I quite often experience the same thing at 38, but mine is from carpal tunnel getting worse.

On days when I use my hands a lot, they get really swollen and ache while I am sleeping that night. I usually either have to stand up and get the circulation going or lay there in bed shaking my arm and hand. It happens more often at night with me, but sometimes continues into the morning while I am trying to type on the computer. I do sometimes get that tingling and aching during the day if I do something for a long time, like cutting my kids hair. Theres been times I have had to take my rings off because my fingers swelled. I also think I have arthritis in my hands. But both come and go, so I tend to ignore them. Plus the only arthritis doctor I can go to with my insurance is an hour and a half away.

If you are working with your hands, it could very well be carpal tunnel or arthritis. I think at least for CT they can give you shots that might help, you could get meds for both also. Motrin will just tear your stomach up and damage your kidneys if you take too much of it.

Good luck!
Hi sorry to hear about your hand(s) and I hope it is not arthritis particularly at your age. But if it turns out it is and you do not wish to use prescribed drugs, may I suggest 1000mg of glucosamine each day, will take a while before it starts to work, but it DOES work! only to be taken if you are NOT on any other prescribed drugs, particularly any for high blood pressure. Another good product is Emu Oil which is rubbed into the hands to help the symptoms. Leave the Ibruprohen alone will wreck your stomach. Good luck at the Doctor (a blood test will tell if arthritis) but keep us all posted.
See a Dr. and stopping taking in so much salt. Drinking sports drinks that have large amounts of sodium could be part of the problem.. DH had the same problems, when we went to the Dr. his electrolytes were really high.. He eats out (away from home) 8 out of 10 days). and was guzzling sports drinks..Dixie
English Chick, why not glucosamine w/blood pressure meds? I've been taking both for a long time. My wife has some emu oil, and she suggested it too; think I'll try it.
Also, according to my wife, "Dr. Anne", cayanne pepper and turmeric are both good for inflamation, the cause of arthritis pain, but I haven't tried it yet, but will.
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