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    Nov 1, 2015
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    So I went out to the coop today and heard little peeping. I was so excited, I had a baby chick hatch a day early. So I went inside to get my crate ready to bring mama and baby plus 1 egg inside only till this cold spell is over. I went out to check on them and I found a very cold chick on the floor. I was so disappointed but when I looked mama still had her chick. So I'm guessing my other broody hen got scared when the baby hatched and left her alone. And she got cold. So I took her in the house wrapped her in a towel and put her by the heat. Hopefully she will be a miracle baby. But I don't have too much hope for her. So I I'm happy I have a healthy baby chic and hopefully a few more to go as I still have a Cochin sitting on 2 eggs as well but sad for this little baby chick.

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    Jan 8, 2015
    When my 2 hens hatched a collective brood, the first egg to hatch (or at least that I wasn't attacked for looking at) had rolled out of the nest and the membrane had dried. It was very cold, but still alive, so I intervened and brought it inside. I re-wet the membrane and helped it hatch carefully. I let it warm and dry for about 5 minutes before I put it back underneath a hen. Pebbles is a strange-looking little rooster (mix breed Barred Rock and Iowa Blue/Silkie/Black Australorp - still don't know father), but has survived and is thriving at a little over 23 weeks old. Good luck with that little chick, and the rest of the hatch.

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