Happy Days


Nov 25, 2015
Hi all, well, after 2 months of eggless breakfasts, I finally gathered 3 today. Not bad, 3 girls, 3 eggs. When I got home from work at 4, my B.R. was squawkin and carrying on. I thought there was a predator so I ran out. She and another one seemed agitated. When I gathered the eggs, 1 was warm, 1 cold and 1 in between. Could this be a prolonged victory dance? It's been an hour and they have settled down slightly. Is it possible that she over stretched her egg hole and she is sore/hurting? Thanks


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Jul 16, 2015
She probably layed the warm one, hens will sit in the nest for a while after laying and sometimes the cackling doesn't happen immediately, I watched on lay her egg, I shagged her out to get the eggs, she went and ate a bit, then returned to look in the nest and started cackling. Whether her bottom hurts we will probably never know.

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