Happy life with only one leg?

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    Dec 2, 2009
    So i think i already know the answer but.
    I have a 8wk old button quail who at some point today has managed to break his leg at the knee joint.
    I dont know how he did it. Theres nothing in his cage to get caught up on, unless he somehow managed to do it on the 1/4inch cage wire?
    He cant stand up,but he bounces from spot to spot. His leg is just full on dangling there.
    Ive got him seperated from his buddy in a dark box atm.
    Any chance he could survive to have a happy and full life with one leg? Would a vet be able to fix it do you think? Our vet is just a dogs and cats vet, there is no avian vet or ever wildlife vet in the area so he wouldnt be so interested and would charge a bundle just for a look.
    Or should i just do what i was resigned to do when i found him and send him to the big avary in the sky?
    Has anyone ever had a successful one legged bird? Duck, chicken, quail or anything else?
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    There's been several threads on here with one-legged birds. Some have been vet amputated and others done at home. By most accounts the chicks have done fine, though I think you need to make some accomadations--only supervised freerange time and making sure other birds aren't picking on them. I would probably cull, but if you have the time and dedicated space to devote to your little one it has been done succesfully before. There's a fairly recent thread on a silky (I think) chick with an amputated leg if you use the search function on the blue bar at the top of the page you should be able to find it. I'm sure if you pm'd the op she'd give you some tips on caring for your chick if you chose to amputate rather then cull.

    ETA: I found the link I was telling you about. https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=416067

    have been others, but this is the most recent one that I've seen.

    Best of luck!! [​IMG]
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