Hard Lesson Learned


9 Years
May 22, 2014
As a first time chicken owner, I have just made the worst mistake. I didn't check before feeding them avocado. I lost my top 2 hens because it is apparently toxic. I am so upset with myself…..I feel terrible. I have 2 hens left that just ate small amounts since the other hens were hogging it all to themselves. Thank god for that at least…..I am just hoping that the little they ate has already passed through and they won't die today. The other 2 died within 24 hours.
OMG, a steep learning curve there!
As I'm relatively new too, I always google what is ok to feed chickens before giving it them.
The best rule is, if in doubt - dont!!!
So sorry to hear that. It's okay, you didn't mean to do so.

Thanks for posting this, it will help others become aware of the toxic foods.

I know that chocolate can be lethal to dogs. Once I found our 50lbs dog had eaten half a dark chocolate bar. No obvious illness. I have heard of dogs eating way less and dying. Some dogs apparently are more susceptible to the toxins of chocolate than others. I'm sure there are those who feed avocado to their chickens without obvious ill effect. Perhaps your loss will help them reconsider.

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