Hard, red pod-like things appearing in chicken poo...any ideas?

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  1. Lobzi

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    I have a hen who I have been keeping close to me because she is not able to get around on her own. I dont know what is causing her paralysis but I did notice she passes these hard, red pod-like, seed like things ever so often. I strictly control her eating so I know she it not taking in anything like that now. It could be something she ate over a month ago and is still going through her system, but Im just hoping someone will have an idea as to what it might be and if it could be the reason she she having difficulty with her legs and wings. Here is a pic of three of them next to a penny for size comparison. They have a heart-shape but the point is like a sticker, very pointy and sharp.
    Please, if you have any idea what this might be or where I can go for information on these pods, please let me know.
    Thanks so much for your help and concern in this matter.
  2. slackwater

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    Feb 1, 2010
    Wow, I have no idea. If you cut them open, are they seeds? Or other bio matter? They're not rocks (I'm sure you would know if they were), right?
  3. Lobzi

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    They are really hard and I have not tried to cut them open. The point is so sharp though and I wondering if they are sticking in her intestines....poor thing. It must be painful. If it is biologic, gee that could be a source of her paralysis. I sure hope someone has an idea as to what this could be. I have looked all around in potential feeding areas and I cant find anything that looks like this in my yard nor in any of her feed.
  4. Miss Lydia

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    could the wind brought something into their area, how long have you been seeing this. looks like it is passing straight through. maybe a tree close to you is shedding fruit?
  5. Lobzi

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    Unfortunately all my fruit is long gone so I cant check the seeds. I have never noticed anything like it before in any of my apples, for instance. Thank you for your suggestion.

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