Hard shell question


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11 Years
Aug 30, 2008
Sussex County NJ
My girls just started laying I have had about 2 dozen in the last 2 weeks. all of them are the green/blue ones and first brown one today. I noticed when cracking them they are extremely hard shell. They have laying pellets all the time and oyster shell all the time. i think this is great but is it normal thanks
Mine are relatively new to laying as well; no more than 4 1/2 weeks of laying.
I've noticed the same thing. Just keep offering the oyster shell and their layer pellets free choice. It's normal.
Hmmm, nice to know all these new things. I just got my 1st egg today!!!!!! WOOHOO! I will crack it maybe tonight when I make cornbread! I am eggcited! SO if it is eggstra hard I won't be concerned. Thanks ya'll!

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