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Sep 6, 2019
Gulf Coast

I'd like to put some chickens to work rehabing a field where cogon grass is taking over. The weeds are growing on top of red clay (South Mississippi), and pulling them ain't easy. I'm hoping some energetic birds in a tractor can help me tear up the surface so I can go behind them and reseed with a good native cover crop this fall. Maybe crimson clover.

What kind of chickens would be good for this? I'm thinking something energetic and scrappy. Any ideas?

Leaning toward smaller sized birds, but open to any ideas.

I should probably ask if chickens will even eat cogon grass, as nothing else seems to...

Many thanks,
I had never even heard of cogon grass, but I have seen grass in pots labeled Japanese Blood Grass, so I guess this far north it is not a problem.
It looks like the big issue is the mat of roots it makes. Do you have equipment to disc or till the area? The link you provided says that repeated tilling is a good way of killing it out.
Have you thought of getting sheep? It might be too big a job for chickens. Maybe sheep wouldn't eat it either. :oops: Good luck. Let us know what you decide to do.
Or pigs. Don't they root around and eat roots and shoots?
I hadn't thought of pigs, but yeah bet they would tear it up pretty good. Will have to think about that. Maybe I could be the pig in the short run, and tear the ground up so the chickens could get at the root mats.

Edited to add: Thanks for the suggestion.
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