Hardware Cloth 16 vs 20 gauge


10 Years
May 17, 2009
We bought some 36" wide 1/2" Hardware Cloth- it was 20 gauge- and we used it around the base of our coop to enclose the bottom-and also to block off the eaves to allow for ventilation at the roof level while keeping the coop safe from snakes, etc...

Then we discovered a much heavier 48" wide 16 gauge 1/2" hardware cloth at the hardware store today and it has us wondering- is the lighterweight cloth sufficient to keep out raccoons or opposums?

Thank you, again, for your advice!
Thanks for the reply
When I read about predators going right through chicken wire, I worried that perhaps the lighter gauge wouldn't hold em out...

I don't think we have a big problem here in suburbia, but I want this coop to be as safe as possible.

Thanks again!
its not so much what sort of hardware cloth you use, but how it is attached...... please tell me it wasn't with a staple gun?
lol, yes & no- stapled to hold in in place temporarily then screws with huge washers over that into 4x4 lumber.

on the main part of the coop we are stapling the cloth and then putting 1X2 trim over it with screws to frame it in. Are we good?

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