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May 8, 2011
i've put a 2 foot cloth apron around my run. do i need to stake it down somehow or just cover it with mulch/dirt? And if i need to stake it down, what do i use ( a picture would be great if you have one).
I read where people use tent stakes. And then you can cover it with just about anything.
If you're going to put mulch or dirt over it, that should hold it down. You could also use the pins for holding landscape fabric down. An occasional brick or small rock works, too. You just want it to lay flat, so you only need to hold down any areas that are rippling up. Once it's flat, you can also let the grass grow through it, if it's over grass.

You do have it securely attached to the run wall, though, right? That's important. Otherwise a digging animal could dig up the edge at the run.
Whatever you want. There are any number of ways of doing it. All you're really after is to have it not be obviously lift-up-able when a predator encounters it, and to not snag your feet or lawnmower.

And if i need to stake it down, what do i use

Cinderblocks work well LOL. If you want actual stakes, you can buy u-shaped big pins or staples or whatever they're called, meant to pin down landscape cloth (buy at a garden center that sells landscape cloth); or you can make similar from suitable heavy galvanized wire. Or use old tent pegs if you happen to have a bunch lying around. Or wahtever else seems like it'd work.

Good luck, have fun,


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