Hardware Cloth on the Bottom of a Run???

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    Apr 12, 2017
    I am very concerned about predator proofing my chicken coop for the chickens I am getting in two weeks (I just heard a fisher last night[​IMG] ), and I know the basics like using hardware cloth instead of chicken wire, making sure there are no uncovered openings and securing the chickens in the coop at night. Everything I have heard says that you should dig 6" into the ground and put hardware cloth around the coop to discourage predators from digging under it and getting in, but I want my coop to be mobile since it will go on the lawn during the warmer months and the back patio in the winter for easy access when there's snow. Would putting a layer of hardware cloth on the bottom of the run give the same result as long as the birds are not directly walking on the wire (since that is bad for their feet)? I am buying a coop from TSC and I am planning on doing some improvements on it to make it safer and more sturdy (for me that is cheaper than building a coop of the same size since it is on sale), I will be painting it with weather resistant paint so it will last longer, add a door going from the coop to the run since now it is just an open hole and I need my birds secured in at night, and maybe adding hardware cloth to the bottom if it is safe for the birds. If anyone has any other suggestions of improvements I should make to make it safer I would love to hear them!

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