Hardware Cloth Reccomendations


7 Years
Jan 5, 2013
We are sourcing materials for the new coop ( WHOOP WHOOP!) and in searching hardware cloth I am coming up on some variations.

19 ga. or 23ga?

I'm assuming I want 1/2 inch

Any particular brand preferred for ease of working with?

!9 gauge will be stronger than 23.
I got 50 ft x 4 feet 1/2" off e bay for less than 60 bucks. I thought it was a good deal. Free shipping too.
Good luck Fred
1/2 inch hardware cloth will almost always be 19 gauge. 1/4 inch cloth will be 23 gauge. I don' t know if there's even any choice, but I suppose there is. Anyway, ebay is a great place to buy hardware cloth. Good price and excellent size selections. Although I have heard of somewhat better price by ordering from a hardware store.
19ga GAW(galvinized after welding)

I got 1/2" x 48" x 100' for about $110 ordered in by my local Ace Hardware...no shipping charge as it came in on their weekly order.

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