Hardware cloth roof on my small run


8 Years
Mar 30, 2011
Southeastern Ohio
:D. We have worked our hiney's off and are almost finished with our hardware cloth roof.

We started our coop last year with my first flock, then this year expanded with ducks and guineas. I wanted a completely enclosed run for the ducks since they really put a mess in my chicken coop. So making a sturdy predator (hopefully) proof run so they will have a nice duck house/aviary enclosure with small pool and not muck up my coop.

My husband had to make a run for more 2x4 as we came up short and lumber store only open til 3 today. So I am lounging in the air conditioned people house, my word it is a hot one!

If we finish before dark I will put up pics. When I say hopefully predator proof, i mean really sturdy. We have put thought time and effort into making this safe many thanks to examples here on BYC. Our run has 2 32 foot sides, 5 foot wide one end and 16 foot wide the other so has posed some challenges on keeping things square, but had to use the space we had.

Anyone else tackling a coop project instead of picnic today?
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I'm finishing my run today. My daughter and my soon-to-be son inlaw have been a great help for me . We're takeing a break at the moment, because its just to beautiful a day to work through it entirely.

I'll be grilling here as soon as my wife gets back from the store.

Once I'm done with my run I'll post pictures of the progression...

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