Hardware cloth under the run - worth it to have a border?


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Apr 21, 2015
I was planning to put 2" hardware cloth on the whole floor of the run under/alongside my coop w/shavings/straw on top to make it predator-proof from diggers. I need a secure place for chickens when I am not home or need them contained (eventually they'll have a larger roaming area on side of house once I build a collapsible A-frame 15' run!)

I am thinking now that perhaps just having a few inches of it around the border may suffice. Watching the chicks test out the coop and run, it just seems like it will be a huge pain to clean.

Our yard is fenced overall, but we do have bobcats, raccoon and other creatures in the area. Is enclosing the entire floor of the coop over-kill? Digging the wire underground is not an option. First time with chickens so not sure what lengths predators will go to to get in underneath!

coop not quite done, but here it is:

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They will do everything possible to get under it,put a apron from the edge extended out 2 FEET not inches from the outside, landscape staple will hold it down.
I'm in the midst of building my coop and run and I've been told multiple times to go down six inches and out a foot. Raccoons are really notorious getting into coops! Watch your locks because they have cute little hands are smart enough to figure out a slide bolt easily!

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