has a soft squishy crop - impacted crop?


10 Years
May 13, 2010
Female leghorn - laying (only shellless eggs) noticed tonight she was a bit lethargic, picked up and noticed that her crop was squishy and gritty while everyone else's is hard- gave a crop massage and noticed some movement. Came in to check what else to do if it was impacted crop. Went back out and she was up pecking around and had dropped another soft egg (2nd of the night - but only a yolk it looks like). I gave her a couple TBLS of canola oil (she liked the taste and 'drank' that herself as the eye dropper was not much help) have her a mox of 3oz per gallon of ACV water. She liked that and eager to drink. She began pecking at the bedding that had oil on it. She gave a medium greyish oily after yet more massaging. When I was massaging her crop I noticed what would be bowel sounds (if human) from the other chickens- could everyone have impacted crops? (again everyone else's is hard like I have always felt them to be)
Even though laying- about half of the 19- can I do a liquid diet for a couple days? They have grass in their run and get crumbles, veggie scraps and scratch (mainly BOSS) daily. I read that alfalfa tea is high is protein (got cubes for something different for them to pick at and getting ready for winter) and though about pulling crumbles and 'hard' food for a couple of days and giving super AVC and Alfalfa tea?Maybe with honey? Then soft diet for a couple of days - then back to regular food. Realise that this may effect egg produce but more worried over long term health of chickens.
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