Has anybody bought downloadable plans off the net?


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Mar 27, 2010
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Hi guys, I was just wondering if anyone has bought any of the downloadable plans over the web. I was looking at howtobuildachickencoopplans.com and buildingachickencoop.com. They don't really show good pics of their coops though and $29.95 is a lot to pay if you don't know what your getting. Just wondering if anyone had experience to share.Thanx guys,

I bought plans online from here: http://catawbacoops.com/ they were pretty good. Good descriptions and also had files for Google sketch-up so you could look at them in 3-d. The cut list was setup so that every piece of timber was maximized which would be great if I was better with a measuring tape and a chop saw.

Good Luck

Why spend money?

Go to your library. They will have books on building garden/storage sheds. Or if they don't they will be able to get 'em for you via interlibrary loan. FREE
Not all such books have plans but many do, some of them with exquisitely detailed photography of each and every building step, too.



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