Has anyone been able to get a BBB to walk again?


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Mar 6, 2011
Hi there. We adopted what we thought was a heritage turkey but it turns out he is a broad breasted turkey. He is now so big he can’t walk.

we adopted him as a pet, and we are attached to him, especially my youngest child.

Has anyone had success putting a BBB on less food to keep their weight down and gotten them to walk again?

I’m torn between putting him out of his suffering and giving this a try. It seems futile to me- in my mind, as a BBB this is his genetics, to be top heavy and eventually not walk and I can’t imagine beating genetics. Also, I feel funny to ration his feed drastically- that just doesn’t feel right either.

I don’t want to keep him alive suffering longer, for nothing. But I don’t want to give up if there really is hope he can walk again and be healthy.

Thank you.


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Jul 16, 2015
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I've read of some people keeping them alive longer by limiting feed and encouraging exercise, but I believe it's done right from the start. Since yours is already down, I probably would put him down. Generally once the legs go it's hard to get them back.

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