Has anyone bred Pekin and welsh harlequin ducks together??


Mar 12, 2019
South Georgia
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post#1011 at the top of this page. It didnt show it for some reason.

Oh, I didnt know that. I wouldve thought the other way around but I'm so glad you told me. I'm going to have the small pool but.... I'm really excited about my plan. I'm actually in the process of digging a hole in the shape of an oval donut. With the little island in the middle. It's not very big or anything but definately huge to them. It's a Duck Lazy River. This way, they can continuously swim in the circle. And I'm hoping the pond filter pump that I have in it will help keep it clean since it will be moving in a continuous circle.!?!? Guess we'll find out!!🤔🤗
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