Has anyone bred Pekin and welsh harlequin ducks together??


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Aug 26, 2018
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Mar 12, 2019
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Ok, well.... haven't heard from anyone yet about the specialist at Univ.of Fla., so....🙏🤞 still waiting. Been giving Celeste & Marley lots of Bcomplex & Niacin. I give it to all of them but making sure those 2 specifically get it in their system real good right now. Watching those feet good. I notice Celeste (older) doesnt have it quite as bad, but Marley is definately struggling on those legs some, mainly her right one & her right foot is totally turned inwards. But hopefully little by little, she'll start getting better.
Been feeding Joy like normal. Her appetite isnt a big as it used to be....she used to be able to down more than my teenage son if I let her🤣.... but shes eating, so I'll take that! She is a bit congested tho, more than usual, so hoping the antibiotics help quickly. She did Alot of sitting up today, looking around & talking, and for the 1st time ever, she must've gotten hot so I unwrapped her blanket & she was good to go. I look at that as a good thing because I dont want the blanket to rub her raw. But.... all in all, shes here, shes breathing, and were just going to take it day by day.😍🥰🤗


May 4, 2017
Wow! They’re beautiful! I’ve never had Pekin ducks, but I do have 7 Welsh Harlequins, and I’m a huge fan of the breed! They are gorgeous!
Thank you so much! Yes they are indeed :) I love my welsh girl! :love Pekins are so cute and pretty dang awesome pets as well, aside from their leg and feet issues from their bigger size :) I also have a khaki Campbell and a blue Swedish as well

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I hope you hear from Fl vet by first of the year. :fl Sure hope the antibiotics kick in soon too. Sounds like maybe having a bit more weight has helped her not be as cold? Bless her heart she’s a trooper and so are you! Hope you see good improvement in Marley an Celeste real soon too. Water therapy will help build strong leg muscles too along with the B complex

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