Has anyone else had to face having more roos than pullets?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by MontanaDolphin, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. MontanaDolphin

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    Feb 16, 2013
    Columbia, Virginia
    My babies turned 3 weeks on Wednesday, and a few of them were scaring me at that point. I saw pink in combs, and wattles coming in. I posted about it in two different areas, here and in "what breed or gender is this", and had little hope of being wrong. It's as if all the tips and tricks to identifying the differences between male and female chicks at a few days old no longer applies.

    Out of my 6 chicks, only ONE had no leg wash...the other five had dark gray down the front of their legs and feet. Out of 6 chicks, NONE of them followed the spot on the head clue. Out of 6 chicks, only ONE was light in color...the other five were very dark gray, while the light one was a light gray in color. In other words, the rule of thumb for sexing barred rocks as newbie chicks is a load of doo doo.

    You wanna know why I say this? Because as I sat watching my babies tonight in their brooder, I noticed the significant difference in the colors of the feathers...FOUR of my babies had distinct white and dark gray barring. Only TWO of them had mostly dark feathers, where the white that's supposed to be barring kinda blends together with the dark. When they sit side by side, I can see the difference, and it looks like I have 4 cockerels and 2 pullets.

    Has anyone else been through this? Expecting only one, or NO cockerels, and ending up with more of them than the pullets? How did you handle it? What did you do???

    Here's what I'm talking about...look at the feathers:

  2. jpsaqha

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    Mar 15, 2012
    Hi Dar - I've been following all your negative posts about my birds, so sorry you're not happy with your purchase. Beside the one rooster you and I talked about all the chicks you got from me are PURE Paul Smith, I purchased the parent stock directly from Paul and can produce all the documentation to prove it. With regards to my Wayne Meredith birds, you've never purchased any Wayne Meredith birds from me, but there again I can produce documentation of that purchase too. I was more than happy to replace the chicks that you suspicion were not pure (due to the rooster I culled) and I gave you an extra one for free for your inconvenience. I find it inexcusable that your feel it's OK to voice your negative comments about me on a public forum and not once give me the opportunity to provide you the proof of my stocks origin? Since your such an Wheaten/BW Ameraucana authority, I'm sure Paul Smith would love to hear from you regarding your critique of his birds, maybe he can implement improvements? From here on, I'd really appreciate if you would contact me directly (you have my email) with your displeasures and cease posting unjustified negative comments about me and my birds on this forum or I'll contact the forum moderator.
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