Has anyone ever seen a Congo African Grey this dark??


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My mom just got a baby african grey and i cant believe how DARK he is!
Hes almost a VERY dark charcoal grey color... i've never seen a grey this color before...
IS this a normal color for them?
Just wondering if he has some kind of weird gene in him or what...
Heres Sully.. Hes 8 weeks old and a big fatty..



And him after being a piggy eating..


For comparison, heres some other baby grey pics i found..


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I have a CAG that's smaller and darker than a lot of of them. They have such a wide range and Africa is such a large continent, that there are regional differences. Some are huge and very light, compared to mine.
omg! what a cutie!!!!! Love the baby. My Guen was very dark as a baby, as soon as I transfer my pics from one computer to the other I'll post pics of my baby girl! she's 8 now
This is the first time I have responded. I've been reading this sight for a while and was so happy to have joined on such a special day for BYC! Congratulations to them and to all of us that get to reap the rewards of the new design!

I have raised large parrots in the past. Yes, the young greys stay dark until they get their 'powder' in. They have the 'powder' same as the cockatoo and cockatiels. Your young one will get that in time. Your concern should be when the bird becomes an adult if it doesn't have the 'powder'. That generally is a sign that your bird could becoming sick.

Enjoy your African Grey. They are wonderful birds and make a amazing pet!

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