Has anyone had or had expieriences Merek's Disease?

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    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has had Marek's disease infected chickens, and successfully culled and depopulated it from the environment? I was hoping there is someone that has had a positive experience, and successfully got the virus out of the environment to raise more chicks later on, and how? I really do not want to give up on raising back yard chickens it brings be joy in my chaotic life, if anyone has any advice or experience (good or bad) that could help me, it would be greatly appreciated. thank you for reading.
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    It seems likely that most people who have outdoor flocks will eventually experience Mareks. Dr. Fullerton at Michigan State, a chicken health expert, says it is almost impossible to protect backyard flocks from this almost universal disease. Vaccinating chicks, while not eliminating the disease, reduces clinical symptoms and losses. Since the disease is passed in feather dander it is very difficult to eliminate from the environment, and can easily be carried even on the wind.

    Buying vaccinated chicks would allow you to continue keeping birds with little or no health issues.
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    I'll defer to someone with more experience, but my understanding is you basically can't get rid of it from the environment. I think the only way would be if you lived somewhere with harsh freezing winters, having no birds over the winter and letting the freeze kill the virus in addition to disinfecting everything possible.

    Having Marek's doesn't mean you can't keep birds. It just means you can't really sell birds, and need to take good precautions to not infect other's flocks. Buying vaccinated chicks or vaccinating chicks you hatch greatly reduces the incidence of them developing symptoms. You can easily maintain a closed flock just to keep birds for your own eggs and enjoyment.

    Have you seen the Big Marek's Page here on byc? If not, do a search and grab a beverage, it's got a lot of good info.

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