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Has anyone ordered any assortments or bargains from Meyer or Mcmurray Hatchery ?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by connor97, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. connor97

    connor97 Chirping

    What assortment did you get? What breeds did you end up getting? If the assortment was females, did they all end up being female? If it was straight run, how many males and females did you end up getting? Was it worth the price?
    Thanks !

    * If any of you have ordered the Production Pack, Brown Layer Assortment, All Pullet Rainbow Pack, or Leghorn Lot Assortment from Meyer Hatchery, I am particularly interested in the outcome of those assortments so please share!
    Thanks again ! :)

  2. sparrker

    sparrker Songster

    Aug 12, 2011
    Baldwinsville, NY
    I've wondered the same.
  3. happybooker1

    happybooker1 Songster

    Oct 4, 2012
    North of Houston Texas
    I ordered the 25 Assorted Bantam Feather-Legged from McMurray. Can't tell you how many of each I got as they are only 6 weeks old now. I DID get a good assortment of different breeds. They say 'at least 4 different ones' and I probably got 6.

    I traded 15 to the feed store for bags of dog food. Of the 11 I have left probably 4 are roosters for sure. I got Porcelain D'uccles, Brahmas (2 colors), Black Cochins (at least one was a Frizzle which I kept), one Sultan, and white Cochins.

    They sent 26 + the Mystery Chick and they all lived. No pasty butt, no 'unhealthy' ones. I was very pleased. I paid $66 plus the S&H.
  4. BigECarter

    BigECarter Songster

    May 8, 2012
    Mississippi Gulf Coast
    I don't have any chickens yet but am thinking of purchasing an assortment from Carter's Legacy Farms when they reopen next year. I like the direction they are going - specializing in quality breeds for the backyard flock. All SR though.
  5. ImaFarmerNow

    ImaFarmerNow In the Brooder

    Sep 13, 2012
    We ordered 50 chicks from Murry McMurry around Easter this year (2012). It was the whatever-didn't-get-sold-that-week package deal. It was about 50/ 50 male to female. As to what we actually got? Who knows, but we did get quite a show! They are every type and color. We didn't know anything about raising chickens and we just jumped in with both feet. They shipped 53 or 54. One didn't make it to the house and 1 didn't make it past the 1st day, but all of the rest did very well, so we had more than 50. My husband picked them up as soon as they arrived at our post office.

    All were full sized, no bantams and most were not any I have seen at the farm stores. We really got a wild assortment. LOTS of feathered feet, but none with feathered heads. [​IMG] One had such huge feathers all the way down his legs, the feathers were bigger than he was for awhile.

    I still haven't been able to figure them all out. I'm not sure it was a good idea if you don't know what you are doing, but it sure was a trip. They are not not quite a year now. I also hatched mixed chicks in my classroom so we went from 0- 65 overnight. My husband built his own Whiz Bang chicken plucker (I named it the Mutha Plucker) and culled about 30 roosters and cornish hens for the freezer. Some were not very good for this. As it turns out, we probably ate the rarest of the birds in our flock. Woops! Live and learn.

    We culled more later as we were sure they were roos and gave the last 5 away. We now have 30 hens of all kinds and get about 18 eggs a day. Apparently not all are great layers either, but I sure do enjoy watching them, especially after long day at work.

    I know for sure we had:
    2 Americanas 1 male and 1 female,
    2 Copper Marans 1 of each - BOY was he LOUD - He definitely ran the roost until I gave all the roos away
    All kinds of cochins - I think we had at least 2 of every kind of cochin they have
    4 sliver seabrights 2 males and 3 females
    6 Rhode Island reds 2 male 4 female
    1 Dominique roo
    4 kinds of Wyandotts
    2 golden penciled hamburgs
    5 Sumatras 3 females 2 males
    1 sliver grey Dorking
    black and white Legshins
    6 or 8 leghorns
    and who knows what else.

    Hope this helps!! Good Luck!
  6. Kristin Brown

    Kristin Brown In the Brooder

    Dec 5, 2012
    Arvada, Colorado
    I prefer Murray McMurray Hatchery.

    Christmas 2011 my boyfriend bought me the Ornamental Layers Collection. The chicks were beautiful including Mottled Houdans, Easter Eggers, Minorcas, Cochins, Polish, Golden Wyandott, Dark Brahma, Egyptian Fayoumi, Barred Rock... just to name a few! I ended up with 2 roosters out of 28 chicks. This was my favorite assortment! October 2012 I ordered Rainbow Egg Layers Collection. These chicks were just as wonderful, but more standard breeds. If you appreciate a good variety, definitely try Ornamental Layers Collection.

    These were the Ornamental Layers:


    Here they are pictured after a few months:





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