Has anyone reset a dislocated hip? Any advice on how?

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    Oct 20, 2013
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    As some of you may recall about two weeks ago my dog killed 5 or my 6 hens and injured the remaining BSL "Clara Belle". I thought I was going to have to cull her but she recovered remarkably quickly. With the exception of her limp. I kept her isolated and immobile (just confined her space) to keep her off the limb. Well now she seems to not be in any pain (the only reason I hadn't initially culled her) but she does limp when she walks and all of my exams to the leg and thigh aren't finding anything to be wrong. No heat or tender spots and she even let's me touch the hip area without a struggle. Howeve when I look down of her from above there is visually a difference from the left to right side, the left seeming to stick out much further 1"+ more.

    She didn't lay for 4 days after the attack and on the 5th day her egg was long and tubular in shape, as well as quite a bit smaller in general. After that they have returned to normal in frequency and size/shape. I know I need to apply traction to reset the hip if that is the general consensus as to her injury but I don't know how much or in which direction. I don't want to make her worse, as of right now she gets around our yard just fine and is eager to free range and still social. But I don't think I should just leave it as she can move the leg but not really bear weight on it without nearly scraping her bumb on the ground between steps.
    I will try to post a video tomorrow night if I can, Thursday at the latest (I work a 12hr shift tomorrow so not sure if I can get it filmed and posted but I will try). Until then what are your thoughts?
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    Oct 29, 2013
    I have the same problem...a hen with a displaced hip. She still is a good layer and she can stand but not really bear weight on the bad leg. I have her isolated with a surama right now so she has companionship, food & water. Her hip is out of its socket as is indicated by the pronounced bump on that side. I have worked with her a bit on manual manipulation, straightening and moving the hip back in place. She tolerates this and doesn't seem to be in alot of pain, but I'm not sure how to set it. Any experience out there or suggestions?

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