Has anyone tried Premier electric poultry netting?

They will fly over if they want to. It's meant more as a predator barrier than for containing chickens per se, although if the chickens are happy where they are they will not necessarily bother to fly over it. (Or you could clip wings) (And of course meat birds ain't goin' anywhere).

If you don't electrify the fence, there is really no point at all in buying it (you could use a roll of cheap flimsy garden netting just as well to contain chickens who are not sufficiently motivated to fly over, and without electricity it will do zilch against predators).

Premier makes EXCELLENT quality stuff, and does EXCELLENT customer service and advice, I very highly recommend them for electric fence supplies (unless you want a type of charger that they don't carry, as their line of chargers is rather limited). For my horse fences, I find their stuff to work noticeably better than most farm store tape or rope.

I have a half roll (82') of their 4' poultry net in my garage but have not used it yet.

For more info, use the 'search' button above, there are a number of threads here on electronet in general and Premier in particular.

I use Premier electric poultry netting for a yard attachment to my white Wyandotte bantam coop. I researched a few brands & found Premier to be superior to Kencove. I have another coop with my standard breeds & they roam freely on 3 acres when I let them out of their yard. This keeps my bantam & standard Dominique roosters from duking it out. I'm quite happy with the quality of the netting & the uncomfortable yet safe enough jolt the wide impedence energizers offer to any potential predator. I guess some bantam breeds are more apt to fly than others. I don't have that problem with my Wyandotte bantams. If I was, there is always the option of wing clipping.
I have a premier electric fence. I like it. You really have to keep it on all the time, otherwise rodents will chew through the plastic. I first bought an 80 ft roll with a solar charger. I just added 50 ft onto it and I think that is really big enough for my 5 chickens and their moveable coop.

They do fly over the top and I am thinking of clipping their flight feathers to stop them from doing so. Maybe tomorrow. You will probably hear them screaming where-ever you are. . .
I don't know what brand, but we use electrified netting. We have 160 feet of it. We haven't had any problems with the chickens getting out, and their wings aren't clipped. I'm sure it could happen though, if they wanted out bad enough. It's mostly to keep the predators out in our situation. Just today though, we had a wild turkey fly in to join the chickens...then she couldn't figure out how to get back out.
I've used Premier electric fencing products for 10+ years. Recently, I added their electric poultry fencing to the outside of our not so predator proof chicken area which connects to the run. We have a plastic chicken fence, bought at Lowes, with deer netting on top. The electric poultry fencing was added to keep ground predators out. So far, it's worked great. We've had racoons and fox in this area and the fencing has kept them out. During ground freezing weather or when snow is deep, electric fencing of any kind does not work as well.
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I have a Premier electric fence setup right now. I like it for what we use it for. I originally purchased it for my meat birds so they had a bigger area to waddle around in. It's also nice in being able to move it around. When it's not in use for the meaties, I'll let the layers use it. At the moment, I have it set up as a temporary run for a new batch of birds. The ground froze before I could set the posts in for the run.

The netting isn't electrified and we haven't had a problem with predators. Birds of prey are what I am more concerned about, but we have a rather large rooster. Once in a while a hen will hop the fence, but regrets it and tries everything to get back with the others.

Guys, this is an ooooooold thread (dunno why revived), look at the dates on the original posts

FWIW I have used my poultry electronet a fair bit in the last two years since I posted above, and it's great for chickens that won't fly over it. As with run fencing in general, virtually any chicken CAN fly over a 4' fence if it WANTS to, it's just a total crapshoot whether yours in particular will make the choice.

It does take considerable effort to keep the grass from grounding it out excessively (although we live in a damp low spot and the grass grows real fast almost all summer, so it may not be as bad for other folks).

I like it enough that I just bought a roll of the sheep version for next year, for the sheep of course


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