Has anyone tried trapping a bobcat?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by callieisspooky, Jan 4, 2014.

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    I have not yet consulted with animal control to see if it's even legal to try, but I wondered if anyone has tried trapping a predator to have it relocated? There is a pesky bobcat in our neighborhood who likes to hunt by day, making it impossible for me to let the flock range unattended (and even attended we have lost several). I know it's a bobcat, the same cat even, since I've seen it carry off at least four birds. If it's a nuisance, does that mean I might be allowed trap it? I'm in CA, for whatever that's worth.
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    Just read a thread in the past week that talked about how tough taking care of predators in CA is...I guess the laws are very confusing and very restrictive for a livestock owner.

    You need to check your local laws, maybe start by calling an animal removal service (they would know the laws), animal control, DNR, law enforcement, etc. Just start asking questions and find your way from there.

    Relocation is rarely a good idea for many reasons.

    Putting your location, nearest city, in your profile would help folks help you.
    There are usually threads for specific states that might help you to connect with folks in your area who might have experience.

    advanced search>titles only> California
    click that link, looks like there are several CA threads....it's a BIG state!

    Good Luck!
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    The only trap you can use is a cage trap. If you or someone you know has a trapping license , then you could trap and dispatch it. This way there is no chance of it coming back. Or you can call a ADC trapper and they will do it for you (most likely for a cost). You could also call a local recreational trapper to do it for free. They would most likely take care of the bobcat for you because bobcat pelts can run for high prices. Just a few options.
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    Note: I am not a trapper in CA nor am I familiar with the laws. Check with local law enforcement officials before taking action against the bobcat
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    if you have or know someone with a hunting license tell them to get thier bobcat tags have them come over and get rid of him for ya. The season is open until February 28 and maybe they can dispatch the animal legally. That is if you can fire a firearm on your property safely.
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    Most states have laws permitting the owner to protect the flock and that includes a lethal response. Call fish and Game and tell them to stop the attacks anyway they can. Do not threat or tell them, but be prepared to handle it yourself.. My area is loaded with bobcats, fishers coyotes, coons, and avian predators of all types. The state officials came and set up a trap with no success. I lost an entire flock (25 birds) over the course of 4 months.. The bobcat came back at 3 pm in the afternoon and was found stalking a toddler on the side lawn less than 20 feet from the house refusing to leave despite the screams of the mom.. Use at least copper clad turkey #2 loads or get the Hevi-shot coyote loads.for your 12 gauge (They dispatch the murdering beast quickly and humanely.) The beasts have found an easy meal ticket and will be back for the entire flock unless the animal is removed from the area. Follow the law to the letter as state officials love to jump on property owners because we are easy targets for fines, try to obey the law and quickly acquiesce to their admonishments..

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