Has anyone used the Cackle Hatchery???


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Mar 25, 2008
I am looking to place an order for some more chicks and was wondering if anyone has used the Cackle Hatchery and what they thought of them. I looked into the Meyer Hatchery, but they are out the of the Red Sex Link chicks clear through the end of April. Could anyone offer any advice here? I want more chicks!!!
That is coming from someone who initially only wanted four! They are truly addictive and I have people already lining up to buy eggs from me!
We need more chicks for sure! Thank you!


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Feb 20, 2008
Opelousas, Louisiana
I ordered from Cackle about 5 or 6 weeks ago. I ordered 25 bantams (assortment). During the week that the bantams were delivered the temp in South Louisiana was down to 54 degrees. I was so worried that all of them would be dead because of the temp. The Post Office called at 4:38 AM to let me know that my chics were in. I jumped out of bed and went to pick them up. As the Post Office employee stood next to me as I opened the box, to my surprise only 1 chic was dead. It looked as if he was too, too small to have survived. It looks like they trampled over him (poor baby). Also to my surpise, they sent a total of 31 (including the dead chic). So all in all, I received 30 live chics and I only ordered 25. To date NO chics have died. I have all survivors. All are healthy and growing beautiful. So, I say that to say, that I have had no problem with Cackle. Hope that helps.

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