Has anyone used this digital thermometer from cutler supply??


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I swore I read awhile back that someone bought this digital thermometer from cutler supply. ( link below) I was wondering if anyone has purchased it, and can attest to it's accuracy. Here's the link....


I just picked up a never used hovabator 2362N which is basically the one I borrowed. It's missing the plastic liner which I am ordering a replacement from Cutler Supply, so I wanted to pick up a good thermometer also when I place my order.


Oh yes! That is the Spot-Check. It is just great. It took me a bit to get used to it, because it goes up and down.

What you do is .... watch as it climbs, that is while your incubator is cycling on. Then, it cycles down to a low point. You take the average of the highest and the lowest registered numbers.
You don't have to replace the batteries every incubation if you turn it off in between checks. That's why it's called "Spot Check". I have used it through two incubations and it's still on the same battery. It's not made to be left on all the time. When you turn it on, it first tells you the last temp, then will take a reading and tell you the current one.
i realy like mine after everyone on here told me how to use it. super accurate. i went to walmart the cheap toy section and bought a water snake thingy and temps dont go up and down. it reads a steady temp. thats what others on here recomended. i belive speckled hen the moderator, who by the way has excellent advice, has a post somewhere that has a pic of the water wiggly thingy. you dont have to average temps this way and it would give more of an idea of temp inside the egg.
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Thank you guys! I knew one had bought one
Do you keep it inside the incubator while incubating? Stick the probe in one of the holes?

I'll be gettting Jersey Giant eggs from Wynette soon, I want to be prepared.


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