Has anyone used Walla Walla Environmental Bug Juice paint additive in coop?


6 Years
Mar 30, 2013
Cleveland, GA
We're almost finished constructing a new coop for our girls and in researching options for preventing mites from taking up residence in the cracks, I came across something called Bug Juice. It's a paint additive and is supposed to kill flying and crawling insects. I anticipate being asked what the active ingredient is and unfortunately we haven't purchased it yet so I can't provide that. But other than stating the fumes shouldn't be inhaled by humans or animals before dry, it says it can be used outside and inside homes, pet kennels and other out buildings. It even said it's safe in kitchens. So I am wondering if any of you have tried this yet or know of a reason it shouldn't be used.
My SIL used it in her coop! No problems for the chickens.

You may not want to as the bugs take time to die and your birds could eat the bugs.

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