Has not laid for 3+ months???? Normal?


8 Years
Apr 18, 2011
SO my sweet EE hen, "Sea Salt" (husband named her) has stopped laying...

She is a young hen that started laying regularly in August .. she was laying one blue egg every other day.. sometimes every day for about a month

Then in September a raccoon raided he coop and killed Sea Salt's companion, Penny.
Since then Sea Salt has not laid another egg! She was very stressed out for a while, did not want to go back in her coop on her own. Being the only hen now I went and got her two companions, pair of young Barred Rock pullets (Daisy and Pepper) who where slightly younger.

The Three became friends pretty quickly. and Sea Salt started going back in her coop on her own. Not long after the two newbies came into the picture I noticed Sea Salt was molting.. I read they don;t lay when they molt.

But now her feathers seem to be all grown out and she looks fat and healthy but still no eggs?!? Its been since the end of September since I last had an egg from her. Is it normal for them to not lay for 3+ months

I live in Florida and it is not very cold .. it dropped to the 40s the other night but now has been 70s in the day and 50s/60s at night..

****I know after I post this I'll find an egg tomorrow. LOL ****
You're probably right!
No, not "normal", but I can see that she's had some stresses and lots of changes. Each takes it's toll, then like you mentioned, the regular stuff that a hen goes through like molting. Sorry, I'm no help, I just wanted to empathize with you and her.
I hope you do find a egg tomorrow.
But "normal" is a odd word. I had a bout half of my flock killed a year or two ago by my neighbor's dog, and all the hens went on strike for a little over 3months. So, in away it could be considered "normal". With molt on top of the raccoon attack, I think you could consider her to be "normal", she is just not in the reproductive "mood". There are some hens that will lay even during molt. I have a few that will, but most will slack off or quit laying during molt.
My best guess is that yes, it's normal. I believe chickens can go through some emotional stuff in their lives, just like people. I have a BS hen that has not laid since we got her months ago, and I think it's because it has been a very difficult transition for her to come live in a new place.

Give her time. She'll come around :)
Does she get out? Mine quit laying, I thought. Yesterday I found 12 eggs in a "secret" place where two of the hens have been going. I think they have something on their minds.
No Egg yet

She does get to free range from time to time but we have been keeping them in the run while we are not home due to a stray Husky dog that has been wandering the neighborhood.

The run is 7x12 and 6 foot tall covered...

The barred rocks have started to do the "Squat" when you walk up to them so I think they will start laying very soon... My husband has a theory that when the other start to lay, Sea Salt will too. Right now she is the dominate hen and always likes to be first for everything.

Ill just give her time and hopfully she will be happy and content enough to start giving me the beautiful blue eggs again
I just went out to shoo the hens off the porch and Sea Salt did the egg squat! I have not seen her do this in an while so I will take it as a good sign
Between the raccoon attack, molting and shortened day lengths it is not at all unusual that she is not laying. Daylength is once again increasing as indicated by her 'squatting'. She will resume laying.
Mine have been holding back for 4 months but......we had an earthquake in August and numerous aftershocks that really 'shook them up"
, followed by molting - i don't know if the stress from the earthquake contributed to that or not, and now cold weather/less light, so I am happy that at least two are producing at this point. 4 are also older, so I am considering adding 2-3 this spring to prepare for the decline. But I agree, it's frustrating to check every day w/no eggs to be found!

She just needed some time. Yesterday she was acting weird and being very VERY noisy. I heard er clucking and thought "OH its an EGG SONG!' but when i went to check there was no egg... well this egg song squaking went on all morning long. I had to go out around 2pm and when I returned at about 5 there was a oblong shaped blue egg sitting in the doorway of the hen house. Whhooo hooo..

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