Hatch 101

I will try to get a pic- we need to improve our method as it requires a lot of fumbling and hubby is at work

Our first peep just started early this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so excited I chose to take time out of crazy life and share
On day 14 we discovered we were candling wrong - it revealed we had 10 babies and 2 duds, sadly butter fingers dropped one baby

So now we have 9 on the way with one peeping -- I am madly washing and getting a "pen" ready for them and of course our grandson Matt can't stop telling you how excited about all this he is-- but truth be told - I am more excited than him. Never had chickens growing up. Mom used to get us ducks at easter but they were already cute - there was not all this anticipation involved -- even if only one makes it - I'll be happy -- we really went about this kinda blindly and we have a lot of work ahead - like getting the baby chix coope set up and remodeling our raised big bird coop -- any advice on that??? We know we want do external brooding boxes - but it gets cold up here - insulation advice???

Hatch 101 - 1 confirmed baby - grand kids want to call it tree man --- i said ok if it was a boy......
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Update?? How many hatched?? Congrats!
Well, there was some confusion oh my hubby's part. He insisted we needed to keep turning the eggs after day 18
Long story short a big fat 0
upon further investigation we found 4 were not fertile 4 died at various stages of growth and the peeper, well that one is on us.
Grand kids took it surprisingly well, considering the oldest (6) had a melt down when the moth that was stuck in the truck got let out thru the window

So we have started collecting again, however I need to review the vitamins and minerals info to see where we can improve our diet for better luck

I also printed the Dry incubation article and forced hubby to read it -- no more opening the incubator

We want to focus on hatching the Brahmas - Bantams but have a hard time telling their eggs from Thelma and Louise (black chickens - not sure of breed - will get pics and ask advice)
Our end goal is to have tasty birds but have found a few people at work are willing to give us $4 for a dozen eggs - maybe they will pay for themselves besides being hecka entertaining -- I love the Bantam waddle -- kills me every time!!!!

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