hatch day :)) 10/30/2012


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Oct 10, 2012
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well today is hatch day.. ive seen movement from day 19 but still no signs of external piping... hurry up already!
Thank you! And congrats to you on yours...I'm still waiting hoping to go check on them and see something but still nothing..
never knew this would be so nerve wrecking..
me too still no signs of anything just a movement here or there but that's about it... :(( at what point should i begin worrying?
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well walked into my room and heard a funny noise...i was like what is that squeeking sound...walked over to my incubator put my ears close and listened...yupp it was a little chickadee letting me know it's made it halfway..hope to see you soon little one...
Congrats! This is my hatch day too. I heard peeping last night, then a baby showed up an hour ago. I have an assortment, so I get to guess and see what each are. This one's a Java. No news yet from the rest.
Thank you! I wish you the best of luck with your little fellas.. this is my first time hatching ever.. i have little araucanas.. my husbands grandparents have chickens (all araucanas) and i decided to hatch some of my own so i gathered eggs from their chickens and put them in a bator... hopefully all goes well! :)) how long from when you hear peeping (internal pip) till you see any signs of external pip??

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