HATCH DAY: incubator temp. fluctuating

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    I'm using a Little Giant Still-Air Incubator and housing it in my bathroom. The temps. have been fine with humidity levels sitting at 40-60% and temp. right around 99-100. I have chicks in the process of piping right now and for some reason the heater isn't producing as much heat as it has been. My incubator reads 101 but the thermometer I have in the incubator says the temp is just sitting at 90. I want to limit how much I open the incubator so I quickly touched the heater and it's barely warm but I can hear the sound of the heater working. I felt the eggs too and they are barely warm as well. I put a towel over the incubator in hopes to hold in some heat. What can I do to fix the heater?

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    little giant 9300?
    They use a proportional thermostat. . So it cuts power to heater as its close to the temp setting. . That model has alot issues.. I'd believe your thermometer and turn it up.. did you check your thermometer for aucuracy?

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