Hatch day is approaching... What do I expect? *Button Quail*

Discussion in 'Quail' started by jfulcher, Jun 17, 2011.

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    I kno I should post in hatching, but there are certain peeps here (pardon the pun) that have been helping me with my first hatch and I feel more comfortable talking to my quail peeps. We are at 9 eggs. Last one laid yesterday. Natural hatch date would be 20th of this month... I believe... 06/07/11 was the first clutch of 3. What day should I expect pipping? Idk which eggs to stop turning... And also egg 9 was verrrrrrrrrrry small.... Is it a dud? I already am raising my humidity... Been about 55% for awhile going to turn the pump on (I used a old reptile pump to help get moisture in the air and raise humidity) which usually raises it to max 90% is that too much? Did the wiggle technique someone told me about, even tho I made my own wiggle... Estimating internal temp at 100 degrees constant for the eggs... Ok 99-100 it goes up n down between the two.. Turning them 3 times a day. Can't figger out how to candle them they are so dark.. From the way everything sounds when should I expect pipping, should I expect any eggs to hatch, and do I leave them in the bator for 24hrs? When do I feed them after they hatch? If they hatch...

    I was turning the eggs and one WIGGLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thought my mind was playing tricks on me, so I opened the bator and took off my glasses, and pretty sure it wiggled again.. Took it out and held it and felt it move!!! What do I do!? Nervous mommy here, so I am wanting to do wtvr I can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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