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I am so excited. First time hatching ever and today is the day. Eggs were put in the bator 21 days ago around 7pm. This morning around 7am i had not seen any progress. But i am not giving up it is still early. Won't be home today until around 6pm so no telling what is going on right now. I bought a bator because my chickens would never go broody. Well yesterday one of my australorps decided it was time to start having babies lol. Are there any extra concerns i should have for her this time of year getting cold? How many eggs should i let her have? Thanks and wish me luck!
First off, good luck and congratulations.

On the eggs, I assume you know that 21 days is an estimate. Due to various things, they can be a couple of days early or late. Hopefully you will have some action when you get home but even if you don't do not get too worried.

I assume you are counting the days right. You'd be surprised how many people get that wrong. The day of the week you started them is the day of the week they should hatch. If you set then on a Tuesday, they should hatch on a Tuesday. But remember that is only an estimate.

On the broody, I wait until they spend at least two consecutive nights on the nest before I consider her worthy of eggs. I've had some that faked it but were not really serious. But I've never had one that spent two consecutive nights on the nest that failed me.

I don't know where you are locarted but I give my hens eggs anytime of year they go broody. Spring and summer are better times of the year for a broody to hatch and raise chicks, but she should be able to manage any time of year with very little help from you, either hatching or raising the chicks. Her heater never has a power failure. I'd certainly give her a chance.

How many is a good question. Hens and eggs come in different sizes. A bantam hen may have trouble covering 4 regular sized eggs, while a full sized hen can cover a lot of bantam eggs.

I normally give my full sized hens 12 eggs the size that they normally lay. They can easily cover that many eggs and they can handle that many chicks too. It's not just the eggs. They need to keep the chicks warm too. There is nothing wrong with giving her fewer eggs but in winter I would not go over a dozen.

Just remember to save up all the eggs you want her to hatch, mark them, then put them under her at the same time. Then check under her once a day to make sure no strange eggs have shown up.

Good luck on the incubator hatch and with the broody.
Just an idea, but you could make your life really easing by popping your day-old incubator-hatched chicks under your broody the night after they hatch. She'll think she just landed the jackpot and you won't have to worry about brooding your incubator chicks.
thanks for the advise everyone! you were right she isn't broody after all lol guess i was just hoping. she wasn't on the eggs, and they were cold. i went ahead and left them until dark and she roosted with the rest so i got them and stuck them in the fridge. still no progress on the eggs in the bator, yes it has been 21 days. i put them in the bator on tuesday 3 weeks ago. still have my fingers crossed.
well here it is day 23 and not a single chick has hatched. however i hear one peeping in its egg every minute or two! i figured they would be late due to them not being at the right temp when i was on vacation anyway, but i was really starting to get worried. now i have more confidence but we will just have to see! cannot wait!
now i have a chick pipping and not the same one that was chirping! wahoo!!!
Sending good chick vibes your way... hope you have a good hatch.
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