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    Jun 21, 2008
    I usually hatch small batches of eggs, say a dozen or less. I the past, it usually all happens pretty quickly. The ones that are going to hatch pip and zip and hatch within about a 24 hr period.

    This time, however, it seems like the chicks are busy taking there own sweet time. The first pip was late on Day 20. Many more pipped yesterday, and 5 hatched on day 21. Now I have several pipped, 6 hatched, and some not even pipped yet, and this is the beginning of day 22. Also, there are 17 eggs in the bator this time 7 or them being shipped, 10 being my own.

    So is this more the norm for hatching, where is takes a few days for all to pip and hatch? Or could it have to do with some eggs being shipped eggs? All the ones that have hatched so far are my own eggs, not shipped ones, but some of the shipped ones have pipped. There are some of both kinds that haven't done anything yet.

    Thanks for any experience from others.

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