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    Well my hatch is done. I think it went really well. I started by setting 20 eggs. On day 5 I candled and all seemed ok. Day 10 I candled but 3 were questionable. Day 15 I candled and 6 were no good. So the remaining 14 went into lockdown. Day 21 I got 1 chick.. Day 22 I got 7...Day 23 I got 3..had to cull one. It was born with insides on the outside. I tapped the 3 remaining eggs and heard one tap back. So I left all 3 and today Day 24 I got 1. I candled the other two eggs and saw no movement. I pipped one and it wasn't moving..so I opened it. I found a huge chick that really didn't have enough room to pip and if it did it would have been halfway down the egg. It looked like the yolk sac was inside the chick right where it poops. The last chick I didnt see movement either so I pipped and it wasn't moving either. This chick was upside down and it did pip the membrane but because there wasn't an egg sac it drowned. It had not absorbed the yolk fully.

    So all in all I think out of 14 viable eggs batored until day 24..11 chicks aren't bad! Good thing all 20 weren't good! lol Now it seems everyone wants chicks from me! I said I'll be happy to hatch you some but you need to show me you have a warm space for them all winter! I have not gotten replies lol.

    Edited because i can't count..I had 10 put down but I have 11 chicks lol.
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    congrats [​IMG]

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