Hatch on 2/18

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    Nov 13, 2011
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    Dropped eggs this past Saturday, 52 silkies, bator is loaded. Having to turn ten of them by hand. Would love it if I had to turn the ten through the entire hatch but logic and experience tell me at first candle I'll be throwing enough away they'll all fit in the turner.
    A dozen from Huckle Berry Farm, 2 dozen from Cat Dance and another 16 from a great breeder in Tn. Super excited to see what I hatch out. [​IMG]
    In the bator is:
    9 Paints (6 Cat Dance, 3 Huckle Berry)
    5 Lavs (3 Cat Dance, 2 Huckle Berry)
    3 Cuckoo (Tn. Breeder)
    7 Partri (4 Cat Dance, 3 Huckle Berry)
    10 BBS/Splash (4 Cat Dance, 4 Huckle Berry, 2 Tn.)
    5 Buff (4 Cat Dance, 1 Tn.)
    4 Blue (Tn.)
    5 White (2 Cat Dance, 3 Tn.)
    4 Black (1 Cat Dance, 3 Tn.)
    Anybody else got a hatch coming the 18th? What cha got cookin?

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