Hatch prior to lockdown

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9 Years
Oct 27, 2010
Cement, OK
Lockdown is 2 days away. This am my kids says they hear chirping. I say there are 2 dz chicks in the other room if course you hear chirping!
Get home today there is a black frizzle chick running around my incubator! I have never had an early chick in my Eco. Was told these eggs were collected the day a set them in the incubator. He is almost dry. Will give him a few more hours & check the other eggs out.
I had some chicks hatch out at day 19. I think it was because they were stored in a warm area so they had possibly started developing before they were put into the incubator.
Welcome to back yard chickens! :)

If the temperature was a bit too high at any point during incubation, it speeds

development and causes early hatches. Post pictures soon?

No pics sorry! Working of my phone until get broadband card fixed.
All the other eggs are good no pips, chirps or any other surprises. Put the new chick in the hospital box. Been eating & drinking & chirping away. I feel certain it wasn't the temp of my incubator, I have a brinesea Eco & temp is always steady. I imagine it was an egg that was over looked for a few days in the coop. Had been upper 90-100 the week I got these eggs. The egg could have been plenty warm without a broody hen sitting on it.
I was just SO surprised to find a new chick this early! Kids named it early bird & are fighting over whose chick it will be.

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