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    Jun 22, 2014
    So I got an incubator and have never tempted to hatch eggs in the past. I set up the incubator and put a single egg inside. This is my test egg. My temp has been stable and I keep the humidity good...I guess. I didn't really check the calendar for hatch time because I was so excited to start. Turns out hatch time will be square in the middle of my vacation and I'll be away from home. I really didn't have any expectation that this first attempt would be successful but I candled the egg today and saw veining that resembled pics I've seen from others.

    My question is this: if I leave food and water in the bator and the chick hatches while I'm gone will it be ok for the 2-3 days until I return?
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    Newly hatched chicks are okay for up to 3 days with no food or water.
    Your problem would come if the chick decided to hatch a couple of days early and will, therefore, be without food/water for more than 3 days.
    If you have no one (a neighbor?) to leave your incubator with, you could certainly try leaving some food/water in there.
    The water may evaporate, however.
    Also, since this is just a 'test' hatch, you could always just discard the egg and start over with your real eggs once you return from vacation since you now know the incubator works fine and the temp remains steady.
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    Jul 14, 2014
    Just to dip in the conversation...she might also be able to ask her vet, local school, humane society, or local rescues...one of these generally kind hearted associations may also be willing to offer her a temporary hand, as well as the WHERE R U HERE AM I thread on this sight...

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