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14 Years
Feb 17, 2008
Fredericktown, Missouri
I locked down my babies from Carmel. on Monday. They were due to hatch Thursday morning. I took Lanae's advice and ran my humiidity low, plus this is the first batch hatched in my Hovabator Genesis. It is Forced Air with a turner and My araucana eggs have always been late like by a day or two....I have 5 pipped eggs tonight. The Genesis is pre-set at 100.0 and has maintained the same temp throughout. It also gives me a digital humidity reading which I increased to 60% at lockdown. Now it is reading 58%. Lanae should I leave it alone or do I need to keep it at 60%. I am so excited. I always thought forced air should be 99.5 but this is pre-set and I can change the setting the next time around....What do you think...

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