Hatched only one chick/hen won't adopt additional chicks


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Apr 18, 2014
New York
My broody hen hatched only one chick. I bought some chicks from a local hatchery and tried to put some under her last night. She's fine as long as they are under her but once she sees them she tries to peck at them. I removed them and have them in a brooder in the house. I'm not sure what to do with her lone chick. She's very attentive with it. Should I just leave her with the one chick or take the chick and raise in the brooder with the ones I picked up from the hatchery. Any advice would be helpful. She is a first time mother. Thank you!
I'm sure opinions will differ, but it will likely be happier, once momma has given up being a momma, to be with your other other chicks. I'd remove the lone chick and put it with the others now .

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