Hatcheries in Ohio questions.


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May 17, 2017
Bought batches of chickens so far. One from Eagle nest in Oceola Ohio and 2 from Meyer hatchery in Polk Ohio. Can anyone tell me about the hatchery in Larue Ohio Called Ridgway. Live on a hobby farm just outside Marion Ohio. Always drove to pick up chickens. Does anyone know if a hatchery will deliver to your door?
Hatcheries will deliver to your post office...it's up to your post office if they want to deliver to your door.
It's common for people to actually go to the post office to pick up their chicks.
This is an old thread, so I'm not sure if you're still interested. But.... I really like Ridgeway Hatchery in LaRue. We have gone there a couple times to pick up day old buff Orpingtons. First time I got straight run, half were cockerels. Second time I got 20 pullets. All of them were pullets. They are very friendly and I never had a problem with the chicks. 100% survived and healthy.
We have also gotten chicks from Eagle Nest hatchery in Oceola 2 years in a row. Chicks were day old Cornish cross super broilers for my daughters 4-h project. They have very good Cornish cross that do very well at fairs. Last year the birds from there took 1st, 2nd and 6th place at Hancock county Fair.
Anyway... Sorry if I got off topic. But both of these hatcheries I have had wonderful experience with.

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